Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who pressed the "REPLAY" button?

I was breathing, walking, seeing, hearing, and living; I was totally conscious of everything around me; I was doing my usual stuff. I didn't really remember exactly what I was doing but this feeling has come to me three times!

The feeling that what I was doing, seeing, hearing seemed to had happened exactly the same way before. You felt that you had been there before doing what you were doing now, except that you were totally conscious that you felt it had happened "exactly" the same way before! Everything seemed to be a "replay."

Personally, It was an amazing feeling. I tried searching my memory for a question of when this happening had happened before. But before long, the feeling gradually faded away.

Not until my friend tells me today that he has just had that same strange feeling, I've thought that I was daydreaming.

Have you ever felt that someone has pressed a "REPLAY" button on you?


  1. Yeah, pouk mark
    for several times already that i felt exactly the same to you. but i dint find any word to explain it right.

    u asked the right question,"who pressed teh replay button?'

    you asked me? ..... I dont know either ... hahahha... i was also replayed,..

  2. Pouk mark! Surprised to know it!..
    Strange isn't it?. This thing is hard to explain.
    If it were really a replay, I hope I would have the remote control.