Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning gift

I woke up at 8am ;) , had a bath, and brushed my teeth. :-D
When I was about to dress up, my mouth produced a familiar sound--Eoek!

Eoek! Eouek!!!
I went to the kitchen; my meal was ready.
but Eoek! Eoek!.
"oh I can't eat!"

I went to my room and lay down breathing gently and slowly.
Eoek! Eoooeek!

It's not working so I drink a glass of water. Eoek! Eoek!
I decided to eat. Eoek! Eoeke!!

Grr! What do I do?
My sister called me to laminate a phone. Eoeke Eieke!
Eeuk Eueke Uekee!

Then it stopped! After nearly 1 hour of eieke eieke.

I was having hiccup which came out of nowhere.
Was it a morning gift? If so, I prefer Hamburger!


  1. That's funny. :) Be careful with that. That may be a sign of stomach problem. Take care, brother.

  2. Yeah I think it's the food I ate at previous night wedding. Thnks brother!

  3. Ey ke ha ! Leu ta ik uk eouk euk la hot !!! ah ha ha