Sunday, June 10, 2007

Experiencing the depth!

I've been to Olympic stadium and jumped into an 8 meters depth pool. I've been to Koh Reusey, Kompongsom, and snorkeled on the 10 meter depth sea. This time, it's so much different. I throwed myself into a 80 meters depth lake--Yaek Loam.

I was diving down; my ears started to hurt for the pressure of the water got stronger as I went deeper and deeper. I was about 8 meters down when I touched the stone supporting the harbor(?).

It was my first experience swimming in the 80 meters depth lake which is the left over from the eruption of a volcano some thousands year ago.


  1. i waaaan to dooo that toooo !!! i have never tried !!!!

  2. Hi annie,

    It'd be nice.
    Oh have you practiced sleeping on the bottom of the pool?.

    Now i nearly can't do it cos rarely go to swimming pool.