Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Traffic accident!

Lying on the ground is the motor of the men attempted to escape
(sorry for poor quality pictures. I take them with my phone)

It's 9.25pm when two motor bikes crash echoing the loud "Banged" that catch people nearby attention. Seconds, two people on a motorbike, though conform to the traffic law, tried and failed to escape when several people including a policeman slammed their motor to the ground and kicked the man with the foot on the face. A man who drive the other motor is unconscious and is immediately brought to the nearby Vichabot hospital.

Why does the men who are right within the law try to escape? I have seen nearly all the cases of traffic accident where drivers try escape.

After about an hour of negotiation, the man who attempted to escape won the case and was compensated by the motor he hit.

What would you do if you were in the traffic accident? Would you try to escape?

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