Monday, June 4, 2007

Iced eyes

Iean, Thea, and Me--ice-eyed

This photo is taken on April, 2007 after Iean and I "survived" our final IT exam of which the result may be released sometime next week. We went to Dream World, Bangkok, Thailand. Seconds after we walked out the door of "Ice House", We realized that, we were white-blinded! Other friends looked at us in awe! We tried to look at each others, laughed, and took this shot!


  1. That's hilarious!!! :) Miss you guys! Such funny blokes you are.

  2. We miss you and your teaching and your face! I'll never forget your friendly, confident and inspiring face!!!.
    If we can spend a holiday with you, it must be great!

  3. How can you ever forget my face? U visit my blog almost everyday. Haha. :) Just kidding. Thanks a lot for the very nice words, brother.

    Let's hang out together when I am back. :)