Saturday, June 16, 2007

Too hot, too cold

This month the weather get damn hot. I remember how i wished the sky for some rains and today they come all in one!
I was in Teaching Methodology session when the sky was suddenly shut. Looking out through the window I saw the beautify garden under the dimmed sky.

The sky made a flash like someone was photographing.


Seconds later, the rain came bringing along her siblings--lightening and thunder.

It's 5 o' clock, time to go home. Iean and I were on the motor "Cup Round" when the rain was still pouring helplessly.

Iean: "My eyes hurt!, I feel itchy."
Me: "It haven't rained for a week, and i think it's acid rain"
Me: "ered,er ereer bla bal?"
"What?" said Iean, knocking my helmet.
"Your eyes hurt, that's why you can't hear me, oh I feel itchy on my eyes"

Now I feel the change in the climate. It rarely be warm but always too hot or too cold.
I remember the documentary on Global Warming titled "Inconvenient Truth" saying that when the effect of global warming start to show its symptom, the world climate will change at great speed. When the sun ray hit the poles, the ice will reflect the its heat back to space. When the world get warmer, the ice melts and the heat of the sun rays is trapped by the water. The water get warmer and it accelerate the melting of the ice. The melting will result in the rise the sea level and that will flood most parts of the world.


here is my room!~~

The water invaded Phnom Penh

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  1. i hope everyone is ok ?
    U know in France the weather is strange too. We are in June and i need to wear pullover when i work ... whereas ... the last year, i wore in T-shirt ... and now it's raining ...great ... -_-