Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bicycle renting: 2.000៛/dqy

With only 4.000៛, we can have the bikes for 2 days!
At the end of the day, we must find a place to rest! Too bad we couldn't afford foot massage.
For our next trips, we'd try motor renting, 16.000៛/day.

18/07/2007: Vannara & Vanna @sihanouville

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just back from Sinhanoukville

While everyone choose farewell party, we Iean, Vannara, and me opt for farewell trip to congratulate Vannara's mission to France (or Vietname?) to pursue his study.

Some statistics:

Orcheuteal beach
-Fried rice with pork: 10.000៛​(small), 15.000៛(big)
-Soup with Chinese noodle: 5.000៛(small), 1.000៛(big)
We spent 25.000៛ for the lunch!

A small shop at the corner of the statue of 2 Lions.
-សម្លម្ជូរ​ត្រកួន + ឆារ​សាច់​គោជាមួយ​ខ្ទឹម​បារាំង + ពង​ទា​ប្រៃ = 6.000៛!

9:36am; We stopped for some snacks and photos.

Vannara n Iean. If you have a chance to hear Vannara's laughing, I'm sure you can't help laughing too.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Red Cross Youth

Today at Toul Tom Poung's traffic light spot, High school students are signaling vehicles to stop at the right distance.

Welcome back, Theary!

I guess you don't have to count down again, do you?

In the front are Iean n Kruy. At the back are Daly, Theary, n Vann.
"Say cheese!"

Special thanks to Vann for his car.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Japanese's Tanabata on 07/07/07

people hang their wish cards on the bamboo at Cambodia Japanese Cooperation Center.

One day a year, on 07/07, Hikoboshi, the cow herder; and Orihime, the weaving queen, reunion after separated by the heaven river.


Have you looked at the calendar this morning?
it's 07/07/07!
I received a wishing message from a friend who work at a food organization named Healthland.

"2day is 07/07/07
it's wonderful day,
have once a year.
Please everything
wonderful 4 u 2
_07star 2u:

have you received the same message?
As I notice, most of messages are similar..
let's say it's a new year day and I'll have the same message from 10 friends.

Happy birthday Grandma!

Grandma is in her late sixty.

Free style! From the left are my cousins Huy, and Veng. Then raising the emtpy plastic plate is me. The right most is my sister.

Family's top teens!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cambodia Rainy season

The dark cloud invaded the sky in Phnom Penh.

Something like this has started from June and is expected to be seen till the end of October, the rainy season of Cambodia.