Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just back from Sinhanoukville

While everyone choose farewell party, we Iean, Vannara, and me opt for farewell trip to congratulate Vannara's mission to France (or Vietname?) to pursue his study.

Some statistics:

Orcheuteal beach
-Fried rice with pork: 10.000៛​(small), 15.000៛(big)
-Soup with Chinese noodle: 5.000៛(small), 1.000៛(big)
We spent 25.000៛ for the lunch!

A small shop at the corner of the statue of 2 Lions.
-សម្លម្ជូរ​ត្រកួន + ឆារ​សាច់​គោជាមួយ​ខ្ទឹម​បារាំង + ពង​ទា​ប្រៃ = 6.000៛!

9:36am; We stopped for some snacks and photos.

Vannara n Iean. If you have a chance to hear Vannara's laughing, I'm sure you can't help laughing too.