Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy birthday Grandma!

Grandma is in her late sixty.

Free style! From the left are my cousins Huy, and Veng. Then raising the emtpy plastic plate is me. The right most is my sister.

Family's top teens!


  1. Happy birthday to your grandma. May she have all the happiness, good health and long life. May all her wishes come true.

    Nice cake you've got for her. Very Chinese looking. Lol.

  2. Representing my grandma, I want to express great thanks to you. Success in your mission and have a great trip ever

  3. Hello Vanna,

    Happy birthday to Grandmaaaa !!! it's for a long time i don't to look for Ur blooog !!! it's so cool to take Ur news !!! see ya !!

  4. Give me a piece of cake toooo ?