Sunday, June 10, 2007

All the fun!

It's a long dawn-to-dark trip on the bus. But the non-stop fun activities made it a 1 second trip.

We were waiting for another bus. To kill the time, we have another fun activity.

If you can spot a standing mineral bottle, you know what we were doing! It's fun too!

With talented dj. Nara and dj. Pheara, we had great fun!

You know how happy I was seeing them happy.

I was hun-dying-gry. How wonderful it was when I saw the roasting meat.

plus many other funs.
It's wonder-perfect-ful!!!
Now you know the reason why I keep blogging about the trip.


  1. Vanna, seem missing the event!
    Pls add my website into ur link, it's!
    nice time! Piseth

  2. great job buddy you have your own website!