Thursday, May 17, 2007

An uneasy message

"Ü meant sth.I Understood or misunderstood,it still means sth.Ü've been changed alot,so will i!No need2reply or call.Jus do normal s ü r now!

this is from my friend. I really wanna ask him what he meant by "sth."
I don't know wat did i do that really make him think about that "sth."
Is it the way i returned the money to him so early and made him feel that he is a money minded person or is it the way i make joke of him?

Either way, i don't think that is wat i have changed. I have always been that way, returning $ as soon as i have to the lender(though sometime i forget) and making joke and having fun!! that's me now and years before!

He's helped me a lot and I won't forget it. I just want him to be more direct or my mind will be wandering helplessly.

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