Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The mission...

It's been a nice day. Visiting cute and litte indigenous students of the two school. Students of the first school seem to be afraid of us. When Pheara sit with one of a student and try to pet his head, he moves!

Our goal for this trip is to make students aware of their future and the important of education. I guess the committee have a good idea of "how."

1.identify their knowledge esp. their problems by asking. Eg.Do you wash your hand with shampoo? If they don we'll inform them when we
2.divide them into groups and have our friends with them. We'll teach, ask, make a special question for the group and select 1 or 2 students to be ready to answer so that they'll have the prize. It's very motivating.

We have one problem. Most students don't speak Khmer esp. the youngers. Their mother tongue is "Kreng"(គ្រឺង) language. They have a bilingual program but targets Khmer.

សៃ​មាត់​យ៉េ?=What is your name?

in the middle is ភឺន(Peun) who was denied by her mother to go to school.
"I want to go to school but my mother said i have to take care my younger one," said ភឺន(Peun).

Out of 9 children I have interviewed, only 1 goes to school. Others have the same problem as ភឺន(Peun).

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