Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thanks DeeDee!

First of all, i need to thanks DeeDee for her kindness in sharing these photos! They look great!

​Tyta, what are you doing?

hell, i miss the night so much!!!


  1. How can i forget that days,
    :-( It's really cool and friendly.
    Vanna, Thanks for these Photos.
    nice blog!!!

  2. Yeah Piseth!!!
    That was amazing, wasn't it? I love every moment!

  3. I feel U spent a good moment !!!! I want too spend holidays toooo !!! i don't care where but i want to go ouuut tooo !! lol
    see ya Vanna !!

  4. Hello Annie!
    I hope to spend holiday with you too!! may be i go to France see u!! or u come here!!..LOL..either is good haha.
    Have you finished your project? U know you should give yourself a big big reward after finishing it!!

  5. I will reward myself !!! but perhaps my parents will offer me a surprise !!