Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Truely simple birthday party!

It's a surprise party. So there's not much preparation as you can see by looking at my brother!
He's been sometimes known as the "water man" and the "anti-water man." On one hand, he's crazy with bathing and swimming but hates having shower.
He would swim and swim and swim for the whole day if mum and dad won't stop him (similar to me). On the other hand, he would not have any shower for the whole day!!!

He's really hardworking in something but lazy in other things!

Though the party was simple, everyone was very happy.

We wished him to pass his upcoming high school leaving examination.

"Happy birthday to you!"

Vanny & brother-in-law

me and my brother

sister Sreang & Vanny

sister Eang & Vanny

Grandma & Vanny

Vanny & Mummy


  1. Happy birthday to him!! How come he is taller than you, Vanna? :) I thought he was your elder brother.

  2. Well i have no idea about that too!.
    Oh how do you know he's my younger brother?

  3. Too easy. You stated it there that he was about to graduate from high school. Or are you trying to say you have an elder bro who is finishing high school soon? Hehehe. J/K.

  4. Happy birthday Vannyyyy !! ^^

  5. Happy birthday! How you guy celebrated birthday party with body undressed :p

  6. That's a bit ashame but as i've mentioned my brother can party be the king of laziness!!