Friday, November 9, 2007

Work and Trip to Kirirum

Today I have to repair a satellite tv at ត្រែង ត្រ យឹង (Treng Tro Yeng). I reckon it'd take 1 hour at the longest. So I asked Iean if he wanna join me. He said "Yes!" and brought along with Kanara. We took ឡាន​ផ្តាច់​ព្រលឹង because of its inexpensive 6000៛. Then we took motor dup for 25000៛/3 persons return tickets to transport back and forth the Kirirum mountain.

For the meal, we had 20000៛ fried chicken and 2 of 3000៛ grilled ត្រី​អណ្តែង with 3 Achors.
We took lots of funny photos!!!


  1. ah ah no need to let pp know our lunch's price la, kmas ke...ha

  2. Anchors ta 2 sos, lie ke tha 3 ha! ah ah ah lie 9

  3. Yi. Kaly jea auditor pi kal? yab morng kANARA!